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Tue, Aug 14, 2018
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Italian Festivals & Competitions

Italy offers a variety of festivals for Orchestras, Bands, Choral & Dance Groups.  Travel Gallery works with pre-qualified performance-tour specialists in Italy to help ensure a wonderful experience for your group.  Here are a few festivals for your consideration:

Estate Musicale Romana (Roma & Lazio International Orchestra Festival)

Orchestra, string or brass bands and jazz bands

Performances take place in the most charming and breathtaking venues in Rome including The Basilica of St. Peter in Chains, Santo Spirito in Sassia church and Villa Celimontana.    The concerts of the festival are part of the official culture and music program of the city of Rome and the Lazio region.

Evening concerts at different venues of the festival, rehearsal facilities and guided visit in the morning are included in the participation.

Roma & Lazio International Festival Orchestra has the patronage of the Cultural Ministry (performance department), Province of Rome and Municipality of Frascati.


Festival Ultrapadum

Orchestra – Choir – Dance

Since 1993, Festival Ultrapadum has been one of the most prestigious music reviews in Pavia, Alessandria, Lodi and Milan provinces and one of most well recognized in Italy.  There are 50 events organized in 50 different important venues around the provinces.

The organizers’ aim is to combine music with the environment and the cultural aspect of this area.  Venues vary from medieval castles and villages to the Pro River area, from farms to the antique courtyard, to the vineyards adorning the Apennines.


Rome International Music Festival

Last week of May through first week of July

Choir & Orchestra

 This event is organized with a local Choir Association in Rome and in cooperation with Municipio I - Roma Centro Storico.  It offers a program of polyphonic sacred music concerts that will take place in the most beautiful Churches and Basilicas in Rome.


Venezia in Musica


This event combines the joys of an international choral competition with the outstanding facilities for concerts in one of the leading musical metropolises.  The international choir competition with its broad range of categories for different standards, types of choirs and musical genres offers every choir the opportunity to present its current qualities on the international stage.  The competition will be held in Jesolo, the resort town on Venice’s doorstep.  Friendship concerts take place in selected churches as well as on the campi (squares) of Venice.  The event has been consciously designed to combine competitions and concerts in harmony.


Tuscany International Festival for Young Orchestra

First week of May to second week of September


The aim of this festival is to offer young world musicians a unique experience in Italy, with the chance to play in magnificent venues and to participate in an intense experience and full immersion of classical and contemporary music.  Venues include Lucca, Pisa, Borgo a Mozzano, Versilia Coast.  The event is organized with the Tuscany Music Association in cooperation with the cities of Lucca and Pisa.


Tuscany International Festival for Choir

First week of May to second week of September


The event is organized in association with a Tuscany choir association, in cooperation with the cities of Lucca, Pisa and Pescia.  The aim for the Festival is to offer at all the choir a unique experience of Italy, with the chance to play in magnificent venues and to participate in an intense experience and full immersion of classical and contemporary music.  There is also the opportunity to perform in concert with an Italian choir.  Venues include Lucca, Pisa, Pescia, Borgo a Mozzano, Versilia Coast.


International Music Meeting

First week of April to last week of May

Choir & Orchestra

This event is organized every year with the Venetian Music Association, and under patronage of the Accademia Internazionale della Cultura e delle Arti – AICA (International Academy of Culture & Arts).  Concerts, cultural tours & meetings are organized for Orchestras or Choirs with venues in Venice, Padua & Verona.



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